Jack fang - Fusing Machine

A “Fusing Machine” is a vital apparatus in the textile and garment industry, employed for bonding fabrics through heat and pressure. It enhances fabric stability, drape, and overall quality. Key components include a heated drum or belt, pressure rollers, and a conveyor system. The machine offers precise temperature and pressure controls, catering to different fabric and interlining material requirements. Versatile applications include bonding interlinings to garment parts, patches, appliqués, and heat-transfer labels. Various types, such as flatbed, rotary, and continuous fusing machines, cater to specific production needs. Fusing machines are available in automatic and manual models, serving large-scale and intricate production respectively. The quality of bonding is crucial for the durability and appearance of the final product. Fusing machines find applications in apparel manufacturing, home textiles, and accessory production, playing a pivotal role in creating high-quality textile products.


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