Thread Cutting Machine- jf

Jack Fang Thread Cutting Machine is a magical Thread Trimmer Machine for the garment industry in which all threads can be cut faster than manual. This thread Cutting Machine can cut below 0.1 mm thread of jeans, t-shirts, lowers, undergarments, shirts, jackets, and this Automatic Thread Trimmer can also be used in ladies’ garments like sarees, suits, designer gowns.

This Thread Trimming Machine is auto fueling with a durable blade and its suction power is adjusted and will cut threads only.

This Embroidery Thread Trimming Machine helps in cutting embroidery threads without harming the fabric. Embroidery Thread Cutting Machine helps in lowering the technical dependence of the operator.

Dhaga Cutting machine helps in cutting extra threads only which helps in the footwear industry also by cutting extra threads of shoes and sandals uppers as this machine is easily maintained.

Thread Trimmer Machine is very useful in home furnishings like carpets, towels, bedsheets, pillow covers, cushion covers, quilts and also helpful in ladies bags, sling bags, school bags, guitar bags, is also named as Industrial Thread Trimmer Machine.

Butta Cutting Machine helps in cutting extra threads of sarees and suits. Saree Butta Cutting Machine helps in giving finishing to the sarees and suits.



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